Tuesday, February 8, 2011



adjoun said...


Today I saw your work at Showroom Mama in Rotterdam, where I live.

Great work!

They looked like small lithography works butI understand they are entirely made with graphite pencils?

adjoun said...

Just saw your drawings at Showroom Mama in Rotterdam where I live. Great work!

Reminds me of old b/w movies, the way you use light in your drawings.

Are they drawn entirely by hand or do you use stencil techniques or templates for grids?

ryan travis christian said...

hey there! sorry for the delayed response, no stencils or templates, I just blaze one and rip into it... granted that probably eats up a lot of extra time on my end, but it feels right and turns out genuine...i try to use light in a reverse sense and always see to it that sources dont sync up, intended effect success!- thanks adjoun