Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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While we're all bowing at the altar of Animal Collective, we better not forget the first noise-rock band who made it cool to swap out Fort Thunder pummel for woodland creature bloopy-bloops and hazy chillout tent synth-washes.

Well, Black Dice aren't about to let us forget about them. Repo, the Brooklyn trio's fifth album, is due from Paw Tracks on April 7. The band recorded the album at Brooklyn studio-of-the-moment Rare Book Room, and both the CD and double LP will include a 20-page booklet with art from the band, so don't just download it.

The press release says something about a "new roadhouse blues-band philosophy;" I guess we'll find out what the fuck that might possibly mean when Repo comes out. And if the album cover is any indication, it means they'll sound like the Kingsmen if the Kingsmen were pink blobs. Also, there's a song called "Ultra Vomit", which can only be a good sign.

Black Dice will tour North America this spring. And don't worry, they don't punch out random people in the audience anymore.


01 Night Cream
02 Glazin
03 Earnings Plus Interest
04 Whirligig
05 La Cucaracha
06 Idiots Pasture
07 Lazy
08 Buddy
09 Inches
10 Vegetable
11 Urban Super Mist
12 Ultra Vomit
13 Gag Shack

this came out today

the first track makes me feel like i am on drugs, powerful drugs


link to GET OLDER by Dan Deacon off upcoming Bromst album in March

and then....

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