Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a few notes of considerable interest

tomorrow night...

a pretty large group show
featuring works by
ashley nason
true schriefer
geoffrey todd smith
ben stone
frank trankina
michael barnes
rogelio gamez
ryan travis christian
stacie johnson
nina rizzo
and a bunch more i forget

Bad Dog Gallery
8th and garden
dekalb il 60115
6-9pm byob!


street trash by tobacco. looking forward to this

this came out yesterday. sooooo fucking good.

the guardian
11x7 in
mixed media on paper 2008

recently stopped by scott anderson's studio to check out new work for his solo show @ LIGHT& SIE. very nice space, very very nice work. 

the Large Hadron Collider. i am mildly obsessed with this thing. read about it! it is far more interesting than sarah palin, the economy, or any other current issue for that matter. atom smashing for christ sakes!

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